Saturday, March 20, 2010

VITAMIX DEMO, Raper Van and 46 canned wax beans.

I had another phenomenal workout today, despite being so tired this morning I actually cried from exhaustion. My energy ramped up on the machine-it never ceases to amaze me. Today was a special day, as the VITA MIX demo was finally at our Costco's! I have been waiting for this since last November. Let me rewind to the beginning of the day. Post workout I had 4Fiber pudding with sf pancake syrup, sweetener, and Davinci sf Dulce De Leche syrup:

Followed by my normal Protilife Ice cream!

I had lunch (unpictured) after this which was my standard 2 bags of radishes dipped in honey mustard, a bag of broccoli slaw and a bag of cauliflower, red bell peppers, and mushrooms. I watched The Real Housewives of Orange County and infomercials during this. I then took a quick 15min nap and I did NOT want to get up. I know I keep repeating this, but I am not a nap person. Wish I was, but I get anxious being in my apartment during the day. The fact that I wanted to stay in bed and having been passing out from exhaustion DAILY and waking up exhausted is a sign that something is seriously off. I then ran down to meet my Weekend Friend, and we decided to get Superstore over with so we could spend most of our time @ Costco. I got 46cans of yellow and green wax beans, 4 908g bags of DOLE ROMAINE, 2 340g bags of cauliflower, salsa, tea, gum, Kikkomanan Low Sodium Soy Sauce and 4 4pack bags of Red Bell Peppers!!!

There were A LOT more cans...

Organic Nut Butter wall. This was from yesterdays Planet Organic trip but I forgot to upload it. I thought it would be a nice place to insert it here! LOL

We then went to Costco, where I got 2 packs of cut/washed celery hearts, a big MRS DASH and an Anatomy book for a artist friend. Of course we went for the Costco demo. We have their entire demo tour schedule and we will be like bad groupies! They will be in the south store March 24...and like obsessed groupie stalkers, we will be there. I proceeded to be a sample whore and steal all the soup demo cups by parking myself in front of them. The soup was pretty good. I also had a smoothie- but the LAME Vita mix protein powder was SOY (wtf) and had sugar in it- so I only had a tiny sample. It was excellent. I had no ice cream because the berry concentrate was all sugar and my body is SO sensitive. I proceeded to whore more soup cups (I had 5 mini elderly pill dispenser cup fulls) while marveling at the irritating girl who claimed her Vita ate her Tamper, and eventually wrangled the poor demo guy into giving her his demo tamper for free!!! I also managed to steal a bright yellow Hawaiian Leis as they had some sort of tropical palm tree lei thing going on all over the store. I wanted the lovely lavendar purple, but beggars can't be choosers (of in this case, Thieves can't be choosers!).
Now, lets talk about the traumatic experience that occurred. I call it, the adventures of the RAPER VAN. First of all, these windowless pervert kiddie porn Dodge vans should be made illegal. This particular van, I first saw in the Costco parking lot. Usually, I would think they would be that hideous beige/tan or off white, brown hew. This was horrendous. BRIGHT CRAYOLA ORANGE rusted to hell. We immediately blanched upon seeing it, and concluded there was something so wrong about it. We forgot about it, until we left to Best Buy right after Costco. This was in another complex, across the road. I stayed in the car and waited for my friend to grab a Wii headset. I entertained myself by reading the legal jargon on a Europe's Best coupon. All of a sudden OUT OF NOWHERE I see rusted obscene orange glide into my peripheral vision. As in pull up RIGHT BESIDE ME. Ugh- excuse me, but what are the chances raper van is both in Costco and then randomly goes to Best Buy too? I never get freaked out. I will walk alleys at night, by myself, and feel less of a scared sick feeling then I did when I looked up and saw it beside me.
It reminded my of Steven King's Christine- the Demon car following me. Instinctively, my hand jutted out and I locked all the doors while I waited to see who would emerge. It was this old kiddie porn distributing looking old dirty man. I kid you not, when he looked at me I actually felt evil emanating from him. I immediately texted my friend, who came running over.
I wanted to take a picture of the license plate, because I am CONVINCED no one would drive that van if they were sane. I realize it stands out like a sore thumb (being orange, and not the ubiquitous beige/off white), but it made me feel dirty just looking at it. I did take a picture of the rust spots which littered the car like pox marks. My cell phone camera lens was dirty, the car windows were dirty- so the picture does not do the rust or orange hue any justice:
I kept looking in the rear view the entire way home. I then got flowers (awww), mushrooms, and went home. Ate dinner, and am now indulging in my nightly GG Scandinavian Crispbread pudding mush!!! I also got a copy of my fave comedians newest CD (Lewis Black) so I am so excited to listen to it in bed!!!
Hope you guys had a great week!


  1. I'm the same way with naps! I haate taking them because I wake up even more tired than when I laid down! Plus, I can't sleep at night. Ugh!

    Oh, and I'd love any kind of recipes!

    And I'd like more information on what you'd recommend for building muscle with minimal fat.. basically what I'm trying to do!

  2. yikes! that van is definitely sketchy! glad you made it out unscathed! ;)