Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Luck of the Irish...

Happy Shamrock/ St Patrick's Day!

It is 7:44am and I am still AT HOME! I know- so not me. I was not digesting well and looked 9.5m pregnant last night. I woke up and lay in bed in a semi-coma state for a bit until I realized I have today off from work. Normally I'd rush to get to the gym normal time, but I 'star fished' my bad a lay there until 7:20am. I have a headache and am so worn out. I can't nap during the day or once I'm up. I used to be able to. I miss it. I wish I could sleep in.
I am currently finishing my Cran/Razz Xenergy, popping my morning pills (Slimquick Extreme has been discontinued and I love the clean energy I get from it) and panic is slowly setting in that I need to get my workout in. I love going first thing, because then it is over with. I tend to get tense knowing that I still have to go. I realize an hour is an hour is an hour...but I always think that the sooner I get it done, then it is somehow different.

I had some ppl comment on if I eat natural foods, which is funny, since when you look at earlier posts (when I would take daily pictures) it is always veggies, casseroles, stews, fish etc. This is what I take to work daily (yesterday):

2 bags of radishes, 1 340g bag of broccoli slaw, 1 350g bag or brocc/cauli (or just cauli or broc).
I immediately start eating radishes dipped in mustard and sweetener the second I get to work.
Immediately post workout I have my Fibersmart/Amazing Grass Chocolate Superfood or Protilife/Chocolate Superfood/Fiber mix:

This was a packet of Chocolate Protilife, and 2 scoops of Chocolate Superfood with 1 packet Sweet and Low and water. I actually moaned it was so good! This was all still at the gym. I totally forgot to take a picture until I was almost done savouring it. It was like smooth custardy heaven. If I could stick my face in the shaker cup to lick the last drops out, I would....

And no, I am not kidding about actually moaning. It was THAT good. This cup was obviously2/3 full and I had to resist going back for more only because I had to haul my tired booty to work. Off to the gym for my normal cardio. Have a happy St Patricks Day!

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