Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday Mar 27

I write this EXHAUSTED on a Sunday morning. Here is a quick recap of Saturday! Woke up in a good mood and got ready for the gym. AMAZING workout!!! 55min 540cak/5.89miles. I obviously showered and then decided to ask the cool security guard about my 'situation' with feeling uneasy about my weekend friend. He is an ex-military no nonesense type of guy. At the gym I measured out 26g of Genesis Today 4Fiber to make into pudding at home. I also grabbed a Protilife Chocolate shake packet.
I decided to make a shake with the packet instead of pudding (I always split it in half in my magic bullet-8g in each serving-so I make two shakes from the 17g packet). I added Davinci Syrups, Walden Farms Pancake Syrup, PGX granules, cancer packets, ice and cinnamon and a DASH of the 4Fiber (it congeals it and gives it a cohesive texture). I ended up using only making 1 shake and saved the rest for night to dip my crackers in!

Creamy Goodness

So good! I ate this with my lunch.
4Fiber cookie dough/pudding

Yes, it is resting on top of my Magic Bullet Single Shot Box! Very Apprapos!
I also have the Magic Bullet Express, the Bullet Express Food processor, and The Ninja Master Prep!

I then decided to text my Manipulative weekend friend a happy text to feel the situation out. Luckily, he was in a great mood and we had a wicked day.
Not to steal a quote from Bella, but his "mood swings are giving me whip-lash'! Seriously, he needs help. I made the best of my day and got most of my groceries done. I also got sunglasses for 7.98! We went to the WholeSale Superstore for my box of 14 Radishes. I think I forgot to mention that on Wednesday, I got DENIED at Costco? At the checkout!! ALL I had was Celery and 2.9L TUB of French's Mustard! Anyways, they did have Sunspun mustard on sale for $5 for 3.78L.

This picture DOES NOT do the size justice FYI! It is the size a a head or from your elbow to your wrist. You can see my friend placing my box of radishes on top. We then went to Staples to look for Day Planners (I wanted the one back-stabby co-worker got lol) but didn't find it. Next up was SUPERSTORE!!! I also called this new place I get my PGX granules from and they forgot to call me to tell me they got my order. We refer to this Superstore as KOSHER Superstore; they used to have this awesome isle called 'Kosher Foods' which also had 5 WALDEN FARMS products!!! They renovated, moved everything and WF went missing (except for the Honey Dijon Dressing) and yesterday I looked at the very bottom shelf and they had the Chocolate Dip and Strawberry Dip!!!!!!!!!!!! I got my Dole Romaine (7 bags-one for each day), 6 340g bags of Cauliflower, mushrooms, canned green beans, SALSA, green onions, more mustard, electrolyte packets and deodorant!!! Below is my favorite isle #2! They now have the canned vegetable with the SALSA!!! Salsa used to be with the Kosher Foods (which I loved). I ofcourse grabbed TWO big Jugs of Medium Salsa (No Name- because I'm ghetto like that!)

They are the ones on the bottom with the lame yellow label. We also perused the various ethnic isles for a bit (where we found the COCK soup packet last time) and found this diddy:

"Less-Grease Peanuts" WTF?

We ended making the natural food place 2min before they closed and I got my granules and some BIJA HOLY BASIL TEA!
The key is I had a nice day and made it out SAFELY. God, that is not a good bar of success! I am going to have to make some changes, and this up and down emotional abuse is wearing me out. Off to the gym; hope he is stable today!

Love you all, and thanks again for the support!

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  1. Sorry to hear about your draining relationship. LOL.."cancer Packets" got to love them.
    Questions: Which is your favorite? Magic Bullet Express, the Bullet Express Food processor, and or Ninja Master Prep? What are your top 3 favorite protein powder brands?