Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ghetto Glycolic peel, fibery goodness and Farmer's Market!

Yesterday afternoon, I gave myself the 'poor man's' (or ghetto) version of a Glycolic Acid peel! In my previous post, I mentioned that I am loving Dermaglow's Glycolic Acid Treatment (new product from them) and I love that it is like an astringent/toner! Ladies, I have been looking HAGGARD. As in people are commenting daily. I hate having makeup on my skin, but lately have been using cheap under eye concealer (hello lack of sleep!) because I look worse than death! I need to get on the Sleep Challenge bandwagon ASAP!

So, while looking for a Simpson/Futurama themed BDAY card for my weekend friend (birthday was yesterday) I decided to take full advantage of the 'TESTER' bottles of skin care. I also may have broken into the cosmeticians drawer to get face pad thingies. I 'glycoliced' the heck out of my face, neck and decolletage (10% baby) and then liberally used Glycolic Acid moisturizer for my face, a special one for the eyes, a separate one for the neck and 'decolletage'. I was bright red and patchy due to dry skin and the ONE (wtf) semi-zit I had on my cheek. I felt very fab-y after as a strutted my cheap ass out to walk home. I did buy a card, but stopped at another place and found an actual Homer Simpson one- so I got that one too!

This morning I was exhausted as usual, but had a GREAT 55min workout. 5.89miles. I decided to finally add pictures of the Genesis Today 4Fiber product I keep talking about, along with my crammed locker (at the gym).

4Fiber by Genesis Today:

Close up of stacked locker #1....

Zooming out....

The 'full effect' ie CRAMMED!

This is what I walk out to in the building my gym is in! So inspiring!
After the gym I went home and CRASHED. Listened to the news and a great debate re: the Texas school board controversy. Then I ate 2 bags of radishes dipped in honey mustard, had some Holy Basil Tea and made my Protilife shake and 4Fiber pudding/cookie dough:

Excuse the blue leather couch. 4Fiber  pudding goodness!

Another shot. That towel has cinnamon spilled all over it. Sorry!

I then had my lunch which was a 456g bag of Dole Coleslaw mix, 340g bag of cauliflower all microwaved and dressed with blueberry, honey mustard and Asian dressing, topped with 266g of white mushrooms and mustard for dipping! I am currently finishing my second Protilife shake (I split them in half) and am getting ready to hit up the FARMER'S MARKET!!!
I will update later!
ps- It is SNOWING! Happy spring to you too!
Up close.... so good and creamy.

Chocolate Protilife, ice, Davinci Sugar Free syrup, Walden Farms sf pancake syrup, cinnamon, PGX, sweetener, and a sprinkle of 4Fiber.

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  1. I am a new Rep for Avon and purchased the retexturizing peel, and, well, tons of make up and lip gloss! I am so excited!!! I LOVE Avon’s Anew products!!Glycolic Peel