Friday, March 26, 2010

Thank you to 3 amazing bloggies!

First of all, my sincere THANKS for the amazing encouragement and support from everyone.
I cannot express what it meant to me, nor how much it has helped! It is crazy how much an online community of people you have never met, can impact your life in such a major way!

I am so uneasy and uncomfortable. I knew he wouldn't text me unless I texted him first (he is the stubborn/needy come to me type) and I didn't want any contact. However, if your friend is hurting and you don't reach out to wish them a nice day, that would be me just being a jerk. So I texted 'Hope you are having an AMAZING wonderful day! It is gorgeous out! Sending you lots of happiness". He immediately responded, and keeps using my full name to add drama/gravity to the situation. I see him tomorrow, so I wanted to put him at ease (and myself) and lighten the mood up. I sent him one more text saying 'oh and I am sending you infinite and unconditional love and support and lots of warm fuzzies too! Luv ya".
He is backing me into a corner. Not overtly threatening me (with doing something stupid/suicidal) etc, but it is implicit. He is putting the responsibility of his future/well being/ mortality and outcome on me, while manipulating the situation. He wrote back ' Thank you (name)...You will never know how much I love you. Goodbye". All dramatic like. I told him to lighten up and chill out.

If this was just some pathetic ploy, I wouldn't even think about this again until his pulled his self together. He is acting like he is in grade 7 and wants attention. However, there is something about him that makes me weary. Perhaps due to past experience... Tomorrow is going to be so uncomfortable. I feel so stuck.

I had a good day regardless- I decided I will have a great day and I did! Good workout, got along with co-worker (she thinks I should totally cut him off and call police).

I want to thank JANETHA, LORI AND SHANNON so much for their kind and supportive comments! Ladies, you have NO idea what reading your comments did to me! I was so worried that I came off whiny etc. Obviously there is A LOT that I'm not saying, but it was serious enough for me to write about. You are amazing! I don't know you (personally) but I feel like you are truly friends. You uplifted my soul and spirit and I so needed that. Thank you so much!

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