Sunday, March 14, 2010

This day light savings thing totally screwed me up! I was reminding friends all week about it, and of course I forgot about it myself! I woke up 'early' thinking I had 1hr 10min to get to the gym... NOT so! I had 10min.

I had a killer workout (54min-5.50miles) and then ran home to eat and get ready. I work at the sugar free place today. This always causes significant anxiety- and I am really trying to not think about it. Just enjoy my day.

I am so frustrated with my co-worker, that I am having anxiety attacks again thinking about work. She is so fake and back-stabby. She talks behind my back, lies, and rarely responds to texts- which makes me feel on edge and like she doesn't like me. I have gone out of my way-above and beyond-for her. Always buying her stuff, listening to her, cheering her up, covering for her constant lateness, doing ALL the work (she truly without exaggeration does not do anything). Ugh, I accept it, but sometimes it frustrates me to no end! She is buddy buddy with my manager, and they talk behind my back all the time. She applied for assistant manager and got it (2months now) and she knows my employee number, passwords, has access to my PERSONAL file and makes stuff up that is negative about me all the time, or mostly takes credit for my work!
I am currently eating broccoli flower (cauli/broc hybrid) and Mann's Rainbow Salad (like broccoli slaw, only is has broc, cabbage, carrots AND CAULI!) with BBQ sauce! so good. Got to hurry and eat and get ready!
Have a wonderful week guys!

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  1. Hi! I just found your website. I think it is so cool that you are a nutritional and supplement consultant! I am interested in getting into something nutrition/wellness related and think that this sounds very interesting! Do you love it???

    I'm sorry you are having issues with your co-worker. Try not to let her get to you! Remember: she can't bring you down without YOUR consent!

    Have a great Sunday! xoxo