Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dessert, Dinner, dessert, shopping!

I feel so out of sorts this morning. Surreal? I had a wonderful workout at the gym- almost as if I wasn't even there. I tuned into CNN to hear Obama speak and somehow it kept my focus off of the workout itself. Iron Chef came on @ 10 and for the last 12min or so I watched that. I did 55min on the elliptical, burned 533cal/5.62m.

Post workout I had 2.5 Sweet Nothing Belgium Cats AND2.5 scoops of
Genesis Today's 4Fiber  with 2 scoops of Amazing Grass Super Foods Chocolate! I added cinnamon, sweet and low, and mixed it with Walden Farms Sugar Free Pancake Syrup. OMG!!! HEAVEN!

For lunch I made a huge coleslaw type salad. 1 454g bag of Fresh Express Coleslaw mix, 1 cucumber, 1 yellow bell pepper, 1 can of green cut wax beans with Walden Farms Asian and Thousand Island dressing.

Had a really nice day! Got TWO Amazing Grass Superfoods! 1 chocolate and 1 berry! I also got more Romaine, canned beans, jello, radishes, banana peppers, tuna, vitamins, tea and loaded up on my new favorite fresh salsas (Wholly Salsa)!!! I got 2 of each hotness (2 mild, 2 medium, 2 hot):

Dinner is always a time consuming procedure!!! Many layers.

Layer/step 1 (romaine/coleslaw/chili flakes, Italian seasoning, seasoning salt):

Layer 2: Tuna and microwaved seasoned beans added with green onion, radishes and more coleslaw:

Layer 3/Top: More Romaine, tomatoes, green onion, coleslaw, seasoning:

Final product with the extra lettuce and coleslaw I added in so I never had an empty bowl:

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