Saturday, November 14, 2009

Someday'll be SATURDAY night

I have Bon Jovi stuck in my head.

Woke up early this morning with tummy cramps. Felt restless and like I needed to snack due to anxiety. Had a few grape tomatoes and 2 radishes. I then started my morning supplement ritual:
Cran Raz Xenergy with Grape Superpumped250.
4 Genesis Today 4Energy,
2 Can-Prev Immuno-Pro Multi/Antioxidant (I take the 3rd one @ lunch)
3 thermo's (I change it up)
1/2 tab of Ephedrine
1000mcg sublingual B12
Then I dragged myself to the gym. WICKED WORKOUT day 2! Did a full hour: 590cal/5.63miles! I'm loving the high of pushing myself, but I know I need to do less, otherwise it becomes a compulsion (is I HAVE to do an hour). 54min suits me just fine. Had my amazing Chocolate Superfoods/4Fiber flax nutty brownie batter tasting bowl of goodness immediately post workout. I can't find my USB for my camera, and left my cell @ home so I can't upload those pictures. :(


My friend came and we went to get me a new HUGE ASS BOWL (will post pics tomorrow). I liked the one beside it better (visually) but this one was a tad bigger. I also got a box of Celestial Tea's Apple Cranberry Zinger, and Apple Cinnamon. Has anyone tried Bigelow's Ginger Snapish holiday tea? I also got Jello.

We then went to London Drugs so I could exchange my MINI SCALE because mine malfunctioned:

We then headed to Superstore, where I got Salsa, Dole 908g Romaine, 1360g Coleslaw, broccoli slaw, 2 jello's, sparkling diet lemonade (PC brand. The canned beans had gone up in price to $0.97 and I was so glad I loaded up for the $0.68/$0.77c deal. We then stopped for Starbucks tea, wandered through a house kitchen bed bath store and went to the Safeway right across the street. I got 5 more cans of my Goldseal Smoked Light Tuna, 4 tubs of fresh Wholly Salsa, radishes, and Nature Sweet's Cherubs (most incredible SWEET grape tomatoes EVER).

I decided it was time to go home, and skip Community Natural Foods (I know, shocking) and instead go tomorrow. He was making me really uncomfortable and purposely missing roads so we had to do a 30 min loop to get back to my place. I am getting Simply Natural's Black Bean and Corn Salsa Sunday instead. We also went to Cash Converters to look, and I left with 5 Cd's. I could've stayed hours!


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