Friday, November 13, 2009

Fantastic Friday

I slept in again this Friday morning, and was a bit grumpy about it. Later than yesterday! I got to the gym @ around 7:50ish. I tried not to stress and my workout was OK! HOWEVER!!!! It was meant to be! If you remember my post on my obsession with the Bullet Express and Health Master Emulsifier? I also commented quite a few times that I haven't seen the infomercial for the health master since. We guess what was on @ 8:30am? The hour special with Montel! I almost died! I am currently doing reviews on it and comparing it to the vita mix, blendtec and waring. Do any of you guys have any reviews or suggestions. Anyways, I decided to add another minute to my workout so I could watch/listen. 1min turned into 10 min and I did a full hour. The special STILL wasn't over so I did another ten min! After that I really wanted to see what they said was coming up next, so I walked over to the treadmills and did another 20min walking on an incline, at which point the special ended! If I hadn't slept in I would NEVER have worked out so long, and seen the infomercial! YAY ME!

I had 2 scoops Chocolate Amazing Grass Super Foods, 1.3scoops Genesis Today 4Fiber, Walden Farms sugar free, calorie free pancake syrup, cinnamon all blended into the most amazing raw brownie batter type goop ever!

I walked home, and had breakfast/lunch:


My friend picked me up and we went to see Jennifer's Body (killer soundtrack) and hit up Superstore where I bough 65 cans on canned beans (sale ended yesterday), jello, gum, radishes, and green onions (3 for $1). We also went to Safeway but it was a total FAIL as the produce was horribly wilted, the coleslaw was no longer $0.95 and they had NO Wholly Salsa! They did have my tuna, so I got another 5!
I also ate 4 Atkinson's Chick-o-sticks and peanut butter bars!

I counted out 24 sheets of NORI Seaweed, 5 GG Scandinavian Bran Crackers and went home:


I ate more, plus my bran cracker hot PGX granule/syrup mash (TOO GOOD)

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