Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday..mixed feelings

To start things off is a picture of the Kelly Clarkson/Parachute concert. I will be posting pictures daily for the next week until I get them all up:

I did 55min @ the gym= 537cal/5.73 miles and literally sprinted into the change room so I could make my brownie batter!

This is my lunch:

My weekend buddy picked me up, and we went to see Zombie Land (I would TOTALLY pick Woody Harrelson's character!), Superstore (Romaine FAIL) and of course, Sunday Safeway (Crystal Light FAIL). We went to Community Natural Foods, and I finally restocked my Celestial Seasonings Mango Acai tea. EVERY Superstore, Safeway, Coop, Walmart etc has been out for 2 weeks now. We were wondering if it had been discontinued. I also got Salsa, a spiralizer, and a seaweed salad. I got ANOTHER huge ass pyrex bowl and a cheap but fully forged utility knife, tuna, more salsa, spices, broccoli slaw, canned wax beans, radishes etc

I was getting really irritated with him, because he is fishing for sympathy and trying to make me feel something I'm not (for him) and say what he wants me to say. We are supposed to go tomorrow to see Kurbaan- I don't know if I want to. Dinner was good but rushed. Unpictured 23 seaweed nori sheets, 5 GG Scandinavian Bran Crisp Breads, 6 jello, 1 entire pint 340g tub of cherry tomatoes and a yellow pepper.

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