Sunday, November 15, 2009

Amazing Grass Chocolate Super Fiber Brownie Batter Pudding and Dinner

I think I've made it pretty evident, but I hate Sundays (unless I have Monday off)! So depressing, and I always feel like I`m under so much pressure to make the best of it and fully take advantage of the `last free day`. I end up so stressed.

I don`t know if it`s solely due to the new B12 I am taking, but my energy has been phenomenal since I bought them. It took me forever to fine Methylcobalamin (the active form) versus Cyanacobalamin (in active, needs to be converted in body) which is ubiquitous in most supplements. Obviously, the huge health food mega store had lots to choose from. I am hoping that my body doesn`t adapt to it, and I keep getting such great energy. We will see as I am leaving for the gym in about 20min.

The plan is: Community Natural Foods, Safeway (my sunday Safeway store naturally), maybe Superstore to get more Dole Romaine? Who knows. My weekend friend has been acting manipulative/depressed lately. Very moody and controlling. I want to back hand him and yell 'stop touching me'. Everytime he finds out I may be going out to see other friends, his demeanor completely changes, and he answers of texts in 1 word answers, doesn't make eye contact, does a lot of shrugging and 'whatever's'. It's pathetic. He also fishes for attention, and sympathy, and will always repeats his pathetic one-liners! ARGH. 'I have all the (time/love) in the world for you', 'I just want you happy and healthy', "you can have it as it is the last picture I am ever drawing' (in this depressed voice". Then he will repeat it about 3x 'do you want to take the picture now, as it's the last one I'm ever drawing'. I finally said 'I heard you the first 3 times, but I'll take it tomorrow so I don't scrunch it'. He answered 'I don't care if you scrunch it- it's the LAST ONE I'M EVER drawing anyways...". Very unstable.

He also likes to point out/repeat all the stuff he bought me. Well, you have 5 packs of TUNA now (and he'll say it like 10x). I'm like, I am aware of this and have already thanked you. If I don't react how he wants me to, he gets all quiet and shruggy/whatever attitude. If he has something to say, just say it and stop with these childish games. I am not buying into them.

I think going to see a movie will be a good idea time killing-wise. I also want to go to Bed Bath and Beyond, and they apparently have Montel's Living Well Health Master!!!

Knowing him, he will point out (as he does all the time) how he bought me the Bullet Express, and how much he paid, plus US conversion, shipping etc, and now it's in stores blah blah. Take me by the elbow to lead me to look at it. Make a statement about the Magic Bullet, and how he bought that accidentally instead, and how he wishes he got me the right one, and how it pisses him off " (I rarely buy in and ask 'why are you pissed off') because he wishes he got the Bullet Platinum  for me instead of the Single Shot etc.

Back from GYM-KILLER WORKOUT!!! Did 60min:601cal/ 6.45miles!
Had my Amazing Grass Super Greens Chocolate 4 Fiber mix of brownie batter heaven:


Middle Layer:

Finished product:

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