Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday aka almost Friday

I did something I NEVER EVER do this morning. I slept in! Not on purpose. I woke up @ 7:20am and almost debated not going to the gym (I supposed to BE there @ 7-7:20am on the machine!) but after my brief hesitation, I grabbed my stuff, (I ended up lugging THREE HUGE bags. 1 big gym bag, 1 duffel bag, my purse and a BIG lululemon bag- so heavy). I was in a daze the entire workout which I love. I did 54min and burned 521 calories/ 5.45miles.

Breakfast was 3 scoops of my Chocolate Amazing Grass Super Food and 2 cans of wax beans, a can of tuna, and some honey Dijon dressing:

Work was OK. Binged again on 4Fiber...but threw the rest out. I made a physio appointment, because I was in dire need. She worked on my for 1 excruciating hour! I went to Safeway after and got bell peppers (they were really wrinkly and small), 1 bunch radishes, and 1 454g bag of pre washed/cut radishes (those are already gone), a 454g mini bag of coleslaw, a HUGE thing of pepper, 2 trays of Wholly Salsa Medium/Mild (yes again- I have 8 tubs in my fridge currently) and 9 cans of my FAVORITE Goldseal Smoked Light Tuna in water!!! (sale) I made radish chips and ate it with salsa, and also had the bag of raw radishes with salsa, seaweed nori sheets, jello and some other snacks:


Second Dinner after adding remainder of coleslaw, romaine, radishes, red pepper and seaweed leaves:

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