Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thursday...mixed emotions...leaving cell uncharged.

I did 55min @ the gym and burned 533cal/5.58 miles. I got paid today and almost had a breakdown. $300! I can't pay rent, buy food anything. My manager is purposefully being a dick about giving me hours. I am so scared. Luckily, my cell phone died- so I felt freed, and cut off from all the stress. It feels so nice- I'm not going to charge it (only to turn it on and take food pics of dinner).

I totally binged on the FiberSmart again. 3 scoops Chocolate Amazing grass super foods, water, sweetener, cinnamon, sugar free vanilla Starbucks syrup, and what ended up being 12 7.5g scoops of the Fiber Smart! Delicious, but I kept going for more fiber smart (POURING it into my cup) adding water, sweetener, and eating it thick like peanut butter. I also ate a 455g bag of radishes, and my lunch (can of whole green wax beans, HUGE can of shredded bamboo with seasoning.

I met up with a friend after work, which was SO NICE! I need to get out more and away from obsessed, making me so uncomfortable weekend buddy! I got to my apartment, counted out 21 sheets of Nori Seaweed, and 4 GG Scandinavian Bran Crisps. I immediately ate ALL the Bran Crackers, crumbled into my mini bowl with Walden Farms Sugar Free Pancake Syrup, cinnamon, sweetener, and PGX granules. Microwaved 44sec, then added more syrup (butterscotch Davinci)and re microwaved. So yummy, but I shouldn't have had them until after dinner! I am contemplating going down to my mailbox (where I store them-don't ask) and grabbing the last 1?

I am currently munching on 1.5 yellow bells peppers, dipped in salsa, and baby pickles.

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