Saturday, November 28, 2009

Today was a WEIRD day. I woke up feeling really out of it, but had a good workout. 538cal/5.83miles!
Post workout Chocolate Green Brownie BATTER and lunch:

Things were REALLY strained and tense between me and my friend, until I snapped at Superstore, and from then on we had a great time! Went to Sobey's (green onions, cherry tomatoes, Webber's Garlic and Herb and 6 Peppercorn grinders, jerk sauce- to try, 2 kinds of Sobey's salsa, Our Compliments diet PEACH pop and Tangerine), Community (got GOLDEN YELLOW GRAPE TOMATOES! Simply Natural Black Bean Corn Salsa, Thai Kitchen Red Curry Paste), Arirang (got Daikon Radish, Organic spicy and white miso soups, and a pck of KAEDE half cut 200 sheet Seaweed), Superstore (5 908g Dole Romaine, 4 Broccoli Slaw, Radishes, Green Onion, Yellow Beans, Jello, 7up, grape tomatoes, Roast Chicken and Seafood grinders and gum).

I also need to get more Amazing Grass Chocolate SuperFood!!!

Dinner came 1hr LATE because I didn't get home until 7:38pm- I hate eating late- I ate up to 11pm!

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