Monday, November 16, 2009

5 Days Until Friday (previous known as Mondays)

Instead of DREADING this Monday (yes, I'd rather not go to work- but my $$$ situation is nothing if not beyond dire) I have decided to focus on the 'good'. I am leaving for the gym in 5 min and popping my am pre-workout pills like candy. I am grateful that I have a family and friends. I am glad that my industry is something that I am passionate about and fully immersed in. I am glad that it will be a short shift... (I'm not even sure if I am scheduled today).

I packed a 454g bag of radishes, 1 red bell pepper, 2 cans of yellow wax canned beans, and a can of tuna for my brunch. I also have my Amazing Grass Super Greens (Chocolate) and4Fiber brownie blend post workout. So good!!!

I've also decided it's not Monday. It's officially 5 days until Saturday Day. That is my positive spin.

Post workout I had my Chocolate Superfoods, and Genesis Today's 4Fiber aka Brownie Batter!:

I ended up having about 6 scoops of the 4Fiber and 10 mini scoops of Renew Life's FiberSmart from stress. Work went fine, except my manager said he won't return my to 5x a week because I've cancelled so much. I almost started crying. It's been hard, and the road ahead is going to be long. I'm determined to keep going!

Here is dinner minus the tuna this time:

Followed by some unpictured bell peppers, 23 seaweed nori sheets, salsa, 6 sugar free jello cups, and another bowl full of broccoli slaw and romaine.

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