Friday, November 27, 2009

IT's finally Friday, and due to recent events... I'd rather be working. I used to look forward to the weekends, but now I want to AVOID him all together. Precious came out today, so that may be a good option?!

My sister is going to be downtown from 4-8 for a concert (Faber Drive etc) so that is my excuse to get home EARLY!!!

We shall see how today goes! I still want the HEALTH MASTER EMULSIFIER!

940am update:

I feel like I'm in such a daze. Depressed, sad.... bleak outlook. My parents' are still being assholes and do not care about me. I am NOT feeling sorry for myself. Just a little sad. I am going to go see PRECIOUS today! My workout was weird (like I said- a DAZE) and I did 55min and torched 533calories/5.61miles.


Saw (SO GOOD) did some grocery shopping (60 cans of canned wax green, whole green, cut and yellow wax beans) hairspray, broccoli slaw, radishes, coleslaw, gum, cucumber, some red peppers, the NEW
XENERGY CHERRY LIME flavor, true lemon packets, lemon juice, tomatoes and jello and 1 bag Romaine.


We ended up getting a CRAZY blizzard-y cold snow storm! SO bloody cold!

Here is dinner:

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