Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I woke up 2ce this morning and while stumbling to the bathroom in a Gravol induced coma-and with a broken baby toe- I got a case of lightheadedness, vertigo and dizziness. I could barely walk. I haven't had that in a while, so I'm not impressed! I am taking Genesis Today's Liquid Super Cleanse every night- and I'm positive it is the toxins that are being leached out, which are causing the dizziness. I feel much better after I go to the bathroom (not to gross anyone out!).

I have also been taking a new B12 product in the mornings along with my morning supplement routine. I am loving it. The difference I have noticed thus far is substantial. I have tried many, but so far this one has done wonders! It is by Natural Factors and it is their B12 1000mcg sublingual.

Gym was OK. Did 55min: 533cal/5.55 miles. Still lightheaded. Had 3.75scoops of chocolate amazing grass superfood:

I then added Walden Farm's Calorie Free Pancake Syrup, Davinci Sugar Free Peanut Butter flavored syrup, cinnamon, 2 packets of sweet&low and the superfood:

Then I stirred it all up and VOILA! Brownie batter goodness!!!

Here is my lunch:

In the mix: coleslaw, can of tuna, orange bell pepper, 2 cans of wax beans, spices.

Had an amazing day, except for the Living Well Health Master Emulsifier let down @ Bed, Bath and Beyond. Got tuna, jello, broccoli slaw, romaine, 2 stuffed monkeys, this AWESOME stainless steel utensil organizer, a journal, 2 salsas, a mini crock pot, and a beautiful huge tea mug! I will write more about that tomorrow. I also surprised my mom on her bday with flowers when she was out with friends for lunch.
This is the kitchen utensil holder (I love Bed, Bath and Beyond!):



  1. That brownie batter must make such an awesome breakfast! It would definitely make getting out of bed a lot easier every morning.

  2. Thanks! I honestly look forward to it every morning!! I keep the tub in my gym locker- added incentive to go! LOL